Information Evening – Screen Time for Pre-schoolers

Information Evening – Screen Time for Pre-schoolers

Wednesday 17th June, 6.00pm to 7.00 pm

We hope you are coming to our first Parent Evening. You are welcome to bring friends who may be interested in the best way to use IT with preschoolers.

This will be an interactive evening, so bring your IPads and tablets. Let us know if you don’t have an IPad, and we will try to arrange one for your use.

We will share current research and recommendations for using I.T. with young children. We will discuss the pros and cons, and include some ideas of how to select programs and apps wisely.

There will be some food and care for your children if you are bringing them, and light refreshments for adults.

Please let us know you are coming so we can cater for you and your children.

Term Project – Healthy Eating

group time brooklyn kindyLast week we continued our exploration of healthy foods by being “Taste Detectives”. We have been investigating using the colours of the rainbow. Each week we have looked at different coloured fruits and vegetables. Last week we discovered white and brown fruits and vegetables.

Practical Life

The children have been encouraged to try using hammers and nails, and they enjoyed this activity. As a result of this play based learning, they are developing gross and fine motor skills, concentration and persistence.

Gardening and Sustainability

brooklyn kindy wormsThe children enjoy helping to care for our worm farm.

When we planted vegetables in our front garden, we

transferred some worms to help improve the soil.

worms brooklyn kindy

The children also enjoyed looking for insects in the gardens.insects brooklyn park