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The Centre has enhanced security systems for your child’s safety. Safety, health and well being are our central focus.
Exceeding the National Quality Standard
Our highest quality ratings ensure excellent experiences for you and your child
Family Owned and Operated
Kerry and Joan are fully involved at Brooklyn Park Kindergarten. They love interacting with children and families.
Caring Educators
Our qualified and experienced Educators promote positive outcomes in all areas of your   child’s development.

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Learning in the Community

Caring Educators

Confident, Qualified, Engaged Learners

Montessori Program

Independent Individualised Learning

Qualified Experienced Educators

Optimal Learning for each child

Early Learning Program

Children are school ready

Our experienced Early Childhood teachers Annette and Leana, lead the program, judged as exceeding the National Quality Standard. Our curriculum covers a wide range of areas including – literacy, maths, science, physical skills, social and emotional development. We aim to promote self-help and independence.

Children are curious and involved learners

We value each child as a unique individual, and encourage their curiosity. We build on their knowledge and skills, and follow their interests when programming. Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating.

Children are creative and co-operative

Children learn the satisfaction of achieving through co-operation. They seek and try new challenges, make new discoveries, and happily celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others.They bring their diverse experiences, perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning.

Children learn with well-being and involvement

A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence and optimism maximising their learning potential. It encourages their innate exploratory drive, a sense of agency and a desire to interact with responsive others. Wellbeing and a strong sense of connection, optimism and engagement enable children to develop a positive attitude to learning.

Children socialise and make new friends

Educators help to develop children’s social skills by building trusting, responsive caring relationships with each child. Children develop  a sense of belonging, and self-esteem necessary for them to make meaningful connections with other children and adults.

Montessori Program

Montessori Brooklyn Kindy

Children additionally benefit from our Montessori education

Montessori education complements our learning program.  Montessori philosophy also values each individual child as part of a close caring, community. Self help and independent learning are encouraged.

Children develop order, concentration, co-ordination, independence

The Montessori materials are designed to aid development with fine motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, development of all the senses, literacy and numeracy. The materials are multi-sensory, sequential and self-correcting. These hands-on learning materials enable children to see and explore abstract concepts.

Children progress sequentially

Montessori materials  lead to learning of abstract ideas. A child learns through his or her senses. By providing interrelated sensorial material, children are guided to correctly use the materials. They are carefully graded to enable  sequential learning experiences.  Children may choose which materials to use, and are guided to progress at their own pace.

Children enjoy the music and cultural program

Montessori education includes music, art, science, geography, and history. These enable the development of the child’s perception of his environment and the world. There are materials in the Sensorial area from which the child builds a base for these other activities. Music and art are means of communication and self-expression.

Children learn self help and practical skills

Children gain knowledge through the real experience of how to accomplish life skills in a purposeful way. Practical life education revolves around four areas: Caring for the Self, Caring for the Environment, Grace & Courtesy and Movement of Objects. Practical Life exercises teach the child sequencing, develop concentration and aid in language development.

I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

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Promoting your Pre-schooler’s Mathematical Development

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Nine Significant Benefits for 3 Year Olds attending Pre-school

Nine Significant Benefits for 3 Year Olds attending Pre-school

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Our Montessori Program

Our Montessori Program

Montessori at Brooklyn Park Private Kindergarten In this post I would like to give you a brief introduction to the Montessori education method and philosophy. We believe that the Montessori philosophy blends well with our centre philosophy, and the Montessori education method...

I heard it was a great centre from other parents. I got a good vibe when I came for a look around

We believe families are the most important care providers and educators in a child’s life. We continuously seek family participation and feedback, through daily interactions, meetings and on-line reporting.

Parent Meeting Brooklyn Kindy

What I like best is they love me in the whole world and they play and talk to me