Our Team

Stephanie Burns


I am passionate about the wellbeing of children and ensure that each child’s needs are individually met. I believe in children being children and allowing them to explore through play-based experiences that also enhance their learning.

My philosophy is to create a happy, welcoming environment full of positivity which is a warm friendly place for educators, and our wonderful children and families to feel safe and supported at all times.

I think seeing children with a smile on their face when they are engaged in a learning environment is the best experience as an educator to achieve.

Children are very unique with different interests, backgrounds and developmental stages and I believe children should be given choices, responsibilities to develop their own learning.

My qualifications are Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have been working in childcare since 2015 working with different age groups, I have been the team leader in various rooms, the Education Leader, Assistant Director, Director of Glandore, and now Director of Brooklyn Park.

Annette Brooklyn Kindy


Early Childhood Teacher

Annette is passionate about learning and has received Master’s degrees in Teaching and Clinical Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Certificate in Creative Arts Therapies. She joined the team at Brooklyn Park Private Kindergarten in 2019 as one of our early childhood teachers.

Annette believes that warm, trusting relationships with children is essential for learning to occur. She also has a keen interest in the arts and often tries to incorporate dancing and craft activities in her program. Annette enjoys sharing a laugh with the kids and works towards creating a warm, friendly environment that the children feel safe and secure in.

Leana Brooklyn Kindy

Leana Ruiz

Early Childhood Teacher

Leana has completed her Masters of Teaching in Early Childhood and Bachelor of Psychological Science. Throughout her study, Leana volunteered her time to work with children in kindergarten and school.

Leana prides herself on creating a warm and welcoming environment where children can feel safe to explore their world, particularly through play and connecting with nature. She has a strong view of children as capable individuals who play an active role in their learning and development. Leana’s philosophy follows an emergent curriculum where learning experiences stem from each child’s changing needs and interests. Leana’s overall goal for children is for them to develop a strong sense of identity, build confidence in their ability and show enthusiasm and curiosity for learning.

Erin Brooklyn Kindy


Qualified Educator

Jenna Muggleton has been working with children since 2010, with children from OSHC age to childcare. I am passionate about the development of children’s learning and the importance of learning at their own individual pace.

“I believe that children are strong and capable learners and think it is important for them to explore both indoor and outdoor environments through nature and sensory play.

I believe that it is important for children to develop their movement and singing skills through encouraging their participation at music and movement times.

I believe it is an important part of children’s development to build strong relationships for them to feel safe and secure to explore their world.”

Erin Brooklyn Kindy


Qualified Educator

 Erin believes the first rule in working with children is that you must first become a big kid again, yourself. One must be playful, have an imagination and always tell amazing stories. She has been in the Early Childhood Education industry for over two years, having been offered a place at a small community-based centre during her second semester at TAFE in 2017.

She completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care in July 2018, where she studied at Regency campus. She joined Brooklyn Park Private Kindergarten in March 2019 and has enjoyed each day. She has experience with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and prides herself on being fun, caring and creative. She enjoys watching children learn new things, make discoveries and connect with others. She finds children to be incredible teachers, and by working alongside them, we can learn so much from one another.