Our Friendly Management Team consists of Stacey (Director of Brooklyn Park Private Kindergarten and Child Care Centre), Steph (Director of Glandore Private Kindergarten and Child Care Centre),  Derelie (Administrator based at Glandore), Joan (Owner), and Kerry (owner).


stacey brooklyn park kindergarten


 Stacey completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has worked in Early Childhood for the last 8 ½ years at our sister Centre Glandore Child Care and Kindergarten. After working with all age groups, including Kindergarten, she   was Team Leader in both the Pre-Kindy room and Babies room for many years prior to commencing her Role as the  Director at Brooklyn Park Kindergarten.

She is passionate about providing children with the best start in their early years education by providing them with a supportive and nurturing environment. All children have the right to learn and explore at their own level. She believes children learn so much through engaging with nature and through play building their self-confidence and identities.

She is proud of the nurturing relationships she builds with children and their families to ensure they experience a smooth transition to our Kindergarten and feel safe, secure and supported.






Tamara Brooklyn Kindy



Tailor completed her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in February 2017. While she was studying, she worked part time at our sister centre, Glandore Private Kindergarten and Child Care Centre as an assistant educator. She then transferred to being part of our Early Childhood teaching team at Brooklyn Park Kindergarten.

Tailor’s main teaching focus is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity and encouragement to learn in the way that suits them. The learning program caters for a diverse range of children’s needs, cultures, strength, interests and developmental stage. She believes in the importance of providing an enriched environment which contributes to children’s learning. Tailor also believes that play is vital for children’s learning.



Elissa Brooklyn Kindy



Elissa completed her bachelor of Early Childhood Education and has been working in early childhood education since 2010. Elissa has worked in Child Care Centres, Kindergartens and Schools and has worked with a variety of ages.

Elissa is passionate about children’s wellbeing, confidence and happiness, and about the environment that children learn in. She passionately believes in the importance for children to have a space where they can self-regulate. Elissa’s philosophy includes a strong belief that the environment is the third teacher and that all children are full of potential and are capable human beings. It is Elissa’s overall goal for all children to learn, contribute and be given a chance to participate in all aspects of learning.


Bethany montessori teacher



Bethany is passionate about providing educational environments which facilitate learning through hands-on experiences, respecting the child, utilising music and the arts, and give as much access to natural materials as possible. Her philosophy is that children have an open and unprejudiced view of the world, and an innate need and ability to learn.She has been working in Early Childhood for 10 years. She has worked with a wide range of ages from babies to school age children, and has experience in Special Education. Bethany has a Bachelor of Honours in Education, a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and a Bachelor of Arts. She has nearly completed a Graduate Diploma of Montessori Education.

Bethany especially believes that Montessori Education is amazing in assisting all children’s development, and promoting learning for life.  She believes that children are independent, autonomous individuals who are more capable than adults give them credit for. She loves it when children give hugs, or give her drawings, or say things which make her laugh.